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U.S. TELECA, LLC is a prepaid telephone card distributor and official resale agent for ez011 long distance service powered by Locus Telecommunications. Since 1994 the original brand telephone cards, such as UST SELECT network provider: KDDI America, UST NO-PIN CALL & ez011 Prepaid network provider: Locus Telecommunications are sold more than 14 states and 28 major cities in the U.S. We provide the easy to use, reliable and competitive low rate long distance service focusing customer satisfaction. Our phone cards and long-distance service are great alternative to make international calls from home, office, school dormitory, hotel room, payphone, and wireless phone.

We create and customize the best possible products and services with competitive low cost concentrating on customer satisfaction.

Fully utilizing the efficient Internet technology, we always challenge to improve our products and service to be user oriented and reliable with the best possible rates to the world. We want to make our customers choose our service repeatedly and continuously.

Mr. Sato's business grew on the success of the rapid growth of the Prepaid business in 1994. He developed a strong relationship with AIU Insurance Company in Tokyo, a member of American International Group, in which he proposed sales promotion while he was in business school. He built a wide ranging distribution channel servicing the east coast, mid-west and west cost focusing on inbound travel agencies, such as JTB international, HIS New York, Nippon Travel Agency Orlando etc. and retail stores, such as Mitsuwa Market Place Torrance, Kinokuniya Bookstore San Francisco, Asahiya Bookstore Torrance, etc. He also issue a phone card, UST SELECT which is exclusively contracted with KDDI America under U.S. TELECA's own brand card. Mr. Sato continues to glow by signing the sales contract with Locus Telecommunications, Inc. that has been acquired by KDDI America to market new service, ez011 long distance service. In 2010 he launched new customized phone card, ez011 Prepaid that is currently being sold nationwide.

Bachelor's degree,
University of Tsukuba
Master's degree,
University of Tsukuba
Master of Business Administration,
Mercer University

University of Tsukuba
Alumni Association:

This is a group of alumni of University of Tsukuba for expanding our network of people and ideas.

Mercer University
MBA Alumni Group:

This group is for graduates of Mercer University's Stetson School of Business and Economics MBA program.
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